Turkey – Details on bush Turkey

Turkey is a popular wild bird throughout North America. Among its most identifiable features is its large size; about 6 feet from head to tail. The turkey is really a medium-sized bird in the genus Meleagris, with two making it through types: the wild turkeys of main and also eastern North America and also the ornithoid turkey of the Yucatan Peninsula. A slender, long-necked bird, the turkey has a stout expense, huge wings and also a thick underparts. Its breast is white or yellowish with dark markings on it, mainly in a band across the bust. It has grey wings covered with brownish feathers and its face has a brief stout expense, brownish plumes as well as a sharp crest.

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Old Wonders of Egypt

Egypt, an old country linking eastern Africa with the Middle East, goes back to the period of the pharaohs. Millennium-old monoliths stand along the stunning Nile River Valley, where lots of expeditions were launched into the desert as well as into the numerous kingdoms of Egypt. Cairo, the funding city, is a prize of historical finds, including a range of monuments and museums that extend the years, from the earliest times of Cleopatra‘s power all the way to the contemporary age. Cairo is residence to countless monuments, such as the old Egyptian Gallery, whose structure still maintains some of the earliest Egyptian art.

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